Will you help?
Debbie Corrano

We’ve been doing the same things that other people who are not in imminent danger have been doing about the war on Ukraine: watching the news, worrying about our current and former team members in the area, and trying to determine what we can do to give meaningful help. All while feeling concern over questions like:

Who is helping people facing racism as they attempt to flee?

Who is helping people move with their animals?

Who is setting up food and water distribution?

The war on Ukraine affects our team directly. Because we’re in tech, and so many software engineers are either in or from Ukraine, some of our people, and, in turn, their people, are in the war zone. We’ve been asking “What do you need? What are the best ways we can support you?” We now have that answer, loud and clear.

Send cash, please. The need to move constantly is draining everyone’s resources, and fast.

Quarry has a direct pipeline to get funds to individuals who need it, and we’re using it.

Today, we invite you to join us by pooling funds to help our Ukrainian teammates and their families who are attempting to stay safe, AND so they can pass along help to others trying to do the same. Contributions will aid in helping Ukrainians to continue relocating to safe spaces as needed and relieve pressure. Quarry will match any funds donated to this campaign.

THANK YOU so much for rallying with us in support of our global neighbors in Ukraine.

💙 Team Quarry 💛

(In case you missed it, here’s the link again.)

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