Quarry’s Vision + Values
Brendan Binger
Founder & Design Director

When asked who we are, this is what we say:

Quarry is an intentional tech collective overturning agency norms while creating uncommonly meaningful technology. We are driven by humane design and business thinking.

The words “intentional” “collective” “meaningful” and “humane” all point to our values system. They are standards that have always been held at Quarry, but since we’ve grown, we decided to make them formal policy: to write them down, distribute them, actively use them to inform our decisions, and talk about them as often as possible. And honestly, to check ourselves when we need to!

We’re slightly unconventional, and want to be a part of revolutionary tech culture that debunks “white male genius” narratives. (As in: no, Steve Jobs didn’t invent the technologies that Apple is famous for. He was a smart guy with great teams.) Our collective is built by always thinking about “we” instead of “me,” and it’s why we’re able to accomplish so much. We believe that collaboration between all kinds of wildly different, talented people leads to much better results than any one of us could produce.

That’s a big, overriding value, and it led to some of these, more defined, principles that we’re proud to share.

For clients, we focus on:


Being founded by a designer results in a culture that revolves around design thinking. Design makes everything possible.


Craftship predicates everything that we do. We take the utmost pride in our work and aim for the best possible result in every situation.

Client experience

We operate with intentionality to provide each of our clients with individualized service and a meaningful relationship. To achieve this, we are selective about the projects that we take on and the clients that we work with. No project is more or less important than another.


Communication is key. Our processes hinge upon open, consistent, and straightforward communication with our clients.


This is simply the only way to do business. We provide a simple, uncomplicated billing structure, along with clear and consistent effort reporting.

Distributed structure

We are a fully-distributed organization. This means minimal organizational over-head that translates to more affordable rates. Clients are never paying to keep our lights on.

Amongst our team, we talk about the following:


Work closely to produce thoughtfully crafted digital products and experiences of the highest quality, to the very best of our collective abilities.

Lead by Example

Show that conscious capitalism and effective altruism make a positive difference.


Maintain a culture that supports entrepreneurship.


Know what we do well and are impassioned about, and don’t allow ourselves to be overextended as an organization in the pursuit of growth.


Support all members of our organization in both professional and personal life, as well as our local communities. Close wage, skill, and leadership gaps.


Maintain an organizational makeup that meets at least US census data, and a leadership team that is predominantly composed of individuals from underrepresented communities or groups. (We’re actively working on this one!)

Lifelong learning

Continually seek to improve our skills in our individual crafts as well as our operation as a collective unit.


Provide a culture that supports and exemplifies healthy work/life balance, both internally and externally.


We believe in transparency. We look for ways that we can better serve, without compromise.


We are always in beta. We embrace missteps as learning experiences, and use mistakes as data that helps us improve.


We are committed to the work we do and the people we work with. We act with kindness and deep respect.


Don’t take ourselves too seriously. (🎧 Here’s our playlist, for example.)

It follows, naturally, that we want to work with clients who are a little unconventional, too, and who are doing their best to have positive impacts in our world. To that end, we’ve decided to offer a new 10% IMPACT DISCOUNT to projects or clients making this effort. 🌏 Ask us for more info!

We hope that getting a peek inside our values helps you understand what Quarry is all about. What does your organization believe in?

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