What can we help you with?

We are a multi-disciplinary team with talent and experience that covers every stage of the product lifecycle.

Our motivation is crafting products that combine humane design and business thinking.


Being founded by a designer gives design a very special place in our culture.

In an era where screen time is at record highs and the long-term effects of technology on our lives is uncertain, we employ a simplistic approach to design that seeks to empower the humans who are using the products that we design.

We practice human-centered design with a focus on crafting experiences that do more than just convert but leave users with a positive feeling.

“The ultimate goal of design is to bring some order in a chaotic, fast-paced and ever-changing world. Here at Quarry we strive for a simpler, clearer, more human & more approachable version of reality.”

Valentin Sanguinetti / Sr. Visual Designer

Design makes everything possible

UIX Design

Web products, native apps, native software, wearables; if it has a screen, we can design for it.

UI Copywriting

Copy is an incredibly important, but often undervalued part of UIX. It holds a critical position in our design process from the very beginning.

Information Architecture

Product organization and structure plays a critical role in user experience. It can mean the difference between a smooth and delightful experience or a frustrating and confusing one.

Voice Design

Alexa skills, voice control, audio user interfaces. We design for this new and exciting medium.

Brand & Identity Design

We are passionate about crafting brand systems and visual languages that effectively communicate with audiences by manifesting an organization or product’s desired sentiments in the physical world.

Visual & Creative Design

Print collateral, packaging and product design, billboards, digital creative, advertising, and beyond. If it’s visual, we can design it.


Our engineering is focused on craft. Our standards are incredibly high, and we believe in doing things correctly on the first pass.

For us, the engineering process begins with identifying the best possible stack for the product. The old engineering adage of "the right tool for the job." This process includes considerations like budget, development lifecycle, timeline, product lifecycle, projected daily active users, hosting costs, distribution, and scalability.

Whenever possible, we engineer for a minimum five-year lifecycle on each product that we build. We do our best to ensure that the product will be performant, scalable, maintainable, and stable for the next five years with no major refactors or stack changes.

"Solving ever-evolving user needs by developing efficient and effective solutions with future-proof code is what engineering means to me and exactly what we strive for at Quarry.

Performance, security, code quality, and accessibility are critical values for me personally, and these are core to our engineering team culture.

Working with Quarry is always fascinating and exciting. We continually evolve with new challenges, maintaining an engineering culture of continual self-improvement in both technical and soft skills."

Dennish Karki / Sr. Engineer

Engineering? You’ve come to the right place.

Fullstack Development

Our engineering talent traverses the entire stack for a number of modern technologies. MERN, MEVN, JAM, LAMP, RoR, Django, Flask, Shopify, and more. Websites, native apps, single-page applications, static site generation; we do it all.


We’ve got the architecture that keeps your product running covered. Server administration, AWS, containers, CI/CD pipelines, DNS, routing, mail, Node.js, and beyond.

Database Design & Development

A well-designed database is critical for a performant and scalable product.

API Development

APIs are awesome. JSON, REST, SOAP, XML, GraphQL, Apollo; whatever the type, we work with and write them.

Ecommerce Development

From Shopify, to Magento. CVR optimization, to AOV growth. Customer lifecycle email, to cart recovery. Digital merchandising, to discounts. We know ecommerce inside and out.

Data Engineering

Digital products can create, produce, and consume a lot of data. Whatever your data needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

CRM Development

If you need custom engineering for your CRM, you’re in the right place. Infusionsoft, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Zoho, you name it.

Architecture Consulting

Need help in choosing the right stack for your product? We’re happy to provide our input and expertise towards choosing the right tooling for the job.

Strategy & Marketing

The story isn’t over once you’ve shipped.

Once your product is in the wild it must be grown. Users must be acquired, sales scaled, engagement increased. The users you do have must be retained. You need to advertise, collect feedback; the list goes on.

All of this is only made more complex by the fact that the digital marketing landscape is a proverbial kaleidoscope of endless transformation. What worked well last week is sometimes dried up by today. Evergreen strategies and best-practices are the best methods for cutting through the tumultuous nature of the digital era to inform tactical daily decisions.

Collectively we tap a deep well of digital and traditional marketing know-how with a wealth of tested real-world experience.

“We bring years of veteran digital marketing experience to the table, covering B2C, B2B, and B2X market strategies.

We are continually synthesizing an ever-expanding codex of knowledge that spans a varied swath of industries from the products that we work on and the teams that we work with on a daily basis. We love being able to take learnings from one industry and then find an opportunity to apply them to a completely unrelated industry. That cross-pollination is incredibly rewarding to us.

Not only do we enjoy building great products, we also enjoy growing great products.”

Brendan Binger / Founder

We know how to deploy technology for growth


The ROI on increasing the lifetime value of an existing customer is typically greater than acquiring a brand new customer. Let’s grow your CLV.

Conversion Optimization

CVR optimization is absolutely critical to maximizing the return on your advertising investment. The best marketing campaign will fail without a website or sales funnel that converts.

PPC Optimization

Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you can find PPC, you can find us optimizing and growth hacking.

Email Marketing

Email is not dead. In fact, it is still one of the most effective and economic channels for reaching new customers and engaging with existing customers.

Campaign Development

Launching a new product? Running a big sale? We can help you to both plan and deploy major marketing campaigns.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

As a team with designers and engineers working closely together under one “roof,” we absolutely love UIX testing. We can work with you to plan your testing strategy, implement tests, and analyze results.

We've overturned agency norms

Quarry came into existence to correct the problems we saw as pervasive in tech agencies. In fact, we designed our organization in opposition to them.
That means that when you work with Quarry:
    You won’t be stuck with an overworked account rep who doesn’t understand your project. Instead, our entire team will take every opportunity to deeply understand your organization. The more comprehensive our awareness, the better we can lend our talents to power up your operation. Great communication backed by meaningful connection and relationships are always our priority.
    Bloated costs and extended timelines are in your past. Our work tracking is always transparent and we constantly optimize for agility.
    You’ll benefit from our insistence on humane design suffused with business thinking. We speak multiple languages.
    You won’t get lost in the “machine.” Your project is our passion. In fact, we handpick our collaborations based on our vision and values.
    You’ll experience our team’s profound belief in our clients. Our clients are members of our community. We value your trust and your input.