Good work
with good people.

Quarry is a group of passionate and curious individuals who are excited about crafting great digital products and experiences.

We are a collection of like-minded individuals from across the globe who are impassioned about building exceptional digital products through human-centered design and cutting-edge engineering.

We find joy in working closely with amazing teams at incredible organizations to design, develop, improve, and ship products that lend meaningful value to the lives of their users while achieving organizational goals — whether those goals are transactional or otherwise. We are ready to partner closely with you, your team, or your entire organization to provide the expertise, support, and talent needed to reach your digital objectives.

Our values


Being founded by a designer results in a culture that revolves around design thinking. Design makes everything possible.


Craftsmanship predicates everything that we do. We take the utmost pride in our work and aim for the best possible result in every situation.

Client experience

We operate with intentionality to provide each of our clients with individualized service and a meaningful relationship. To achieve this, we are selective about the projects that we take on and the clients that we work with. No project is more or less important than another.


Communication is key. Our processes hinge upon open, consistent, and straightforward communication with our clients.


This is simply the only way to do business. We provide a simple, uncomplicated billing structure, along with clear and consistent effort reporting.

Distributed structure

We are a fully-distributed organization. This means minimal organizational over-head which translates to more affordable rates for our clients. You are never paying to keep our lights on.

The team

Brendan Binger


Igor Rapoport

Project Director

Harjeet Singh

Product Design Director

Apurva Garware

Product Growth Director

Evgeniy Kulish

Engineering Director

Abigail Schilling

Product Strategist

Puneet Maloo

Senior Principal Engineer

Rafael Osorio

Lead Software Engineer

Dennish Karki

Senior Software Engineer

Valentin Sanguinetti

Senior Visual Designer

Federico Bernotti

Identity & Brand Systems Designer

Dmitry Kutuzov

PPC Analyst

Debbie Corrano

Content Strategist

Mateus William Tomaz Gebien

Data Engineer

Serhii Chumak

QA Engineer

Simon Rahr Mortensen

Data Architect

Derek Paranhos

Junior Software Engineer

Anna Voloshyna

Product Designer

Tanya Doiun

Data Engineer

Vitalii Novakivskyi

Senior Software Engineer

A legacy of innovation

Our team has come from or gone on to these industry-leading organizations

Fully distributed

We are a fully distributed organization.

We live and work all over the world. This means that our operation carries minimal overhead. In turn, this allows to us to charge very affordable rates for our services. When you work with us, you won’t be paying for our fancy downtown offices, utility bills, internet access, or anything like that. Our offices are our homes, coffee shops, coworking spaces, libraries, or anywhere else that we can grab an internet connection.

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