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At Quarry, we often use tech or other jargon when interacting with our peers. It can sound like an entirely different language is coming out of our mouths when we’re trying to communicate a lot of information quickly. OUR APOLOGIES if we ever use terms that leave you behind! The problem with insider terminology and acronyms is that too much of it can turn language into gibberish, sounding SSIF. (That’s “so stupid it’s funny.”)

When we communicate with clients, we try to use actual words to make sure the message gets across clearly. It’s always a pleasure to explain and translate our insider language, but because we do sometimes hit you with strings of letters, we wanted to share an [incomplete!] dictionary of common acronyms (and other shortened identifiers) we use often.

What is AOV? Why, that means Average Order Value!


API = Application Programming Interface

ARR/MRR = Annual/Monthly Recurring Revenue

AWS = Amazon Web Services

B2B = Business-to-Business

BR = Bounce Rate

CAC = Customer Acquisition Cost

CID = Campaign Identifier

CMS = Content Management System

CNV = Conversion

CPA = Cost Per Acquisition

CPL = Cost Per Lead

CPI = Cost Per Install

CR = Conversion Rate

CRM = Customer or Client Relationship Management

CRO = Conversion Rate Optimization

CTA = Call To Action

CTR = Click-Through Rate

CX = Customer Experience

D2C = Direct-to-Consumer

DDM = Data-Driven Marketing

DEI = Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DNS = Domain Name System

ERP = Enterprise resource planning

ESP = Email Service Provider

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

GA = Google Analytics

GTM = Google Tag Manager

ICP = Ideal Customer Profile

IDFA = The Identifier for Advertisers

KPI = Key Performance Indicator

LTV = Lifetime Value

MFA = Multi-Factor Authentication

MOM = Month Over Month

MVP = Minimum Viable Product

OKR = Objectives and Key Results

OS = Operating System

PDP = Product Detail Page

PII = Personally Identifiable Information

PM = Project Manager or Project Management

PPC = Pay Per Click (Advertising)

PR = Pull Request

PWA = Progressive Web App

QA = Quality Assurance

ROAS = Return On Ad Spend

ROI = Return On Investment

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

sGTM = Server-side Google Tag Management

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure

SSO = Single Sign-On

Stat Sig = Statistically Significant

TOS = Terms Of Service

UI = User Interface

UX = User Experience

YOY = Year Over Year

2FA = Two-Factor Authentication

We’ll continue to update this post when new insider terms and acronyms become a part of our common vocabulary. Hopefully, that’ll help our shortcuts to be understood by everyone involved.

Oh! Last but not least, even though it isn’t an acronym when our wonderful founder, Brendan Binger, gets Shakespearean and says “fortnightly,” that means every two weeks to us commoners. 🙂

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