Taking Time to Celebrate
Brendan Binger

It’s very easy to focus on our daily hustle. We all know people whose response to “How are you?” is always “Busy.”

At Quarry we make an effort to celebrate our own achievements and those of our clients. It’s especially sweet when we get to reflect upon collaborative accomplishments.

That’s why we wanted to take a moment to (retroactively) recognize a huge project that we completed without much ceremony at the time.

In July 2021 we shipped quipply.com, a headless ecommerce shopping cart that is built on Magento 2 and React.

That project was a massive undertaking and an ambitious achievement. It marked the biggest project that we have shipped in Quarry’s history to-date, in every possible measurement.

When we began the project in December 2019 (back when the Adobe PWA Studio project was “experimental”) we were one of only a handful of teams in the world who were working on building a production shopping cart with the PWA Studio technology. Others got to market before we shipped quipply.com, but that’s still pretty cool, we think, and something that both Penn Jersey Paper Co and Quarry can be proud of. 😎

huge shout-out and thank you to each of the amazing Quarry team members for being incredible to work with on making this project a reality!!

Mammoth congratulations is also due for the impressive effort of the Penn Jersey Paper Co team members who invested themselves to bring quipply.com to life over the years of its development. I speak for all of us when I say that it has been our honor and pleasure to work with you on this project.

Quarry ❤️ Quipply

Now, check out this infographic that we’ve prepared which beautifully documents some of the more noteworthy metrics behind the massive effort that went into shipping quipply.com

Quarry hearts Quipply

We look forward to capturing more of our joint accomplishments in “valentines” like this one, and sharing them.

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